Scientists discover new species of exploding ant

Exploding ant

A brand new species of ant which might detonate its physique when threatened has been found by scientists. 

A analysis staff from Austria, Thailand and Malaysia discovered the bugs, Colobopsis explodens, within the rain forest in Borneo.

The ants fend off attackers by latching on to enemies and flexing their our bodies so violently that they explode, releasing a poisonous yellow liquid and killing themselves immediately.

The yellow goo is sticky, will be deadly for predators, and is claimed to scent just like curry.

This tactic is utilized by minor employee ants to kill or maintain off intruders, typically to defend the entire colony.

Researchers described the species as “notably vulnerable to self-sacrifice”.

The 'doorkeeper' ant has a plug-shaped face to physically barricade the nest entrance.
The ‘doorkeeper’ ant has a plug-shaped face to barricade nest entrances

It’s uncommon in nature for people to voluntarily die for the sake of others, however it has been seen in termites and honeybees.

Solely sterile females have the power to detonate their our bodies, nonetheless.

Main employees, also called “doorkeepers”, have uncommon plug-shaped heads to dam nest entrances from enemies.

The staff recognized round 15 totally different species of exploding ants of their analysis, together with one new to science.

A number of sub-species had been documented within the early 20th century, however that is the primary new discovery in additional than 80 years.

The discover was printed within the scientific journal Zookeys.

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