Jawbone fossil found in Somerset belongs to giant sea monster

The ichthyosaur lived 205 million years ago

A jawbone fossil discovered on a Somerset seaside belongs to one of many largest marine animals that ever lived, scientists say.

The reptile is known as the ichthyosaur, which it’s estimated was as much as 26 metres (85 ft) lengthy – virtually the scale of a blue whale.

The ichthyosaur lived as much as 205 million years in the past on the finish of the Triassic Interval and dominated the oceans simply as dinosaurs have been turning into the masters of the land.

Its bone, known as a surangular, shaped a part of its decrease jaw and was found in 2016 at Lilstock on the Somerset coast.

Researchers estimated the animal’s size by evaluating the surangular with the identical bone within the largest ichthyosaur skeleton ever discovered – a species known as Shonisaurus sikanniensis from British Columbia that was 21 meters (69 ft) lengthy.

Paleontologist Dean Lomax, of the College of Manchester, mentioned: “This bone belonged to a large.

“The whole carcass was most likely similar to a whale fall during which a lifeless whale drops to the underside of the ocean flooring, the place a complete ecosystem of animals feed on the carcass for a really very long time.

Giant ichthyosaur jawbone. Pic: Manchester University
Large ichthyosaur jawbone. Pic: Manchester College

“After that, bones grow to be separated, and we suspect that is what occurred to our remoted bone.”

Fossil collector Paul de la Salle, who discovered the bone, mentioned: “The construction was within the type of progress rings, like that of a tree, and I would seen one thing related earlier than within the jaws of late Jurassic ichthyosaurs.”

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On discovering the bone, he mentioned: “Initially, the bone simply appeared like a chunk of rock, however after recognising the groove and bone construction, I assumed it is perhaps a part of a jaw from the ichthyosaur and instantly contacted ichthyosaur specialists.”

He later returned to the positioning and located much more items that collectively measured a couple of metre in size.

Scientists say ichthyosaurs prowled the world’s oceans between 90-250 million years in the past on the lookout for squid and fish.

The largest have been bigger than different large marine reptiles of the dinosaur age and solely right now’s filter-feeding baleen whales are larger.

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