Giant sinkhole opens into 60,000-year-old volcano in New Zealand

Giant sinkhole opens into 60,000-year-old volcano in New Zealand

A large sinkhole has opened up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, revealing rock deposits from a 60,000-year-old volcano.

The opening, which has captured the eye of volcanologists, is as deep as 4 double-decker buses (20 metres or 66 toes) and is 200 metres (660ft) lengthy.

It appeared after heavy rain close to the city of Rotorua on the North Island, an space famend for its geothermal exercise.

Geologists consider that 1000’s of years of rain eroded underground limestone, inflicting the bottom to break down.

“That is fairly spectacular, it is loads greater than those I would usually see,” volcanologist Brad Scott stated.

Mr Scott advised TVNZ the dairy farm was located above the crater of a dormant volcano.

The dust within the backside of the sinkhole was “the unique 60,000-year-old volcanic deposit that got here out of this crater”, he stated.

The farmer, Colin Tremain, stated it had appeared in a single day and was noticed by a employee on a morning run to deal with the cows.

Comparable sinkholes are frequent on his farm, Mr Tremain added, however that is the most important – and there was nothing he may do to cease his land disappearing.

He advised Radio NZ he may “put fence round it and overlook about it” however it could be a “waste of time filling it in”.

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