Google Play Protect: Android Antivirus that alerts of malicious applications

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect, an antivirus to alert Android users upon malicious applications installation, is the company’s bet to protect cell phones.

Google presents an enhanced function to protect phones with their operating system. Updates on Android operating systems will include an improved version of the Play Protect, the Google proposal for device care.

In addition to protecting the malware phone that arrives by web browsing, the tool will also be interred to analyse applications in the Play Store.

According to Android data, Play Protect analyzes more than 50 million of applications every day, in order to determine if any of them will introduce any virus to the mobile.

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This will happen either with the applications that are already installed on the phone as with those installed through a download in the Play store, the Android store.

The Google Play Protect tool will be progressively installed on phones that work with the Android operating system.

When available, just enter to Play Store and search the menu to the option with that name. When you press, you can select to start an analysis of the device.

The service will review the applications installed on the phone, to check that no one can have malicious content. Likewise, it will review new applications at the time they are downloaded.

The tool also has a function that, activated, will accompany navigation in Google Chrome to determine if there is any malware on the pages visited.


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