Android Oreo Released by Google

android oreo

It has rained a lot since Google launched its Android 1.5 Cupcake, and since then, all versions of this operating system have counted on the name of some sweet in his last name. Today, coinciding with the solar eclipse, Google has introduced us the latest version of its operating system named after the famous cookies that are uncovered.

Android 8.0 Oreo is already a reality, and for it, we will do a review of all the innovations that it incorporates concerning the previous version and also to tell you when it will begin its landing in the different devices and which are the first ones that will be able to
enjoy it.

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Compatible phones that can update with Android Oreo

According to Google, the operating system is released from today, and the first to have Android 8 will soon be:

Pixel XL
Nexus 5 x
Nexus 6 P
Pixel C
Nexus Player

The rest of the manufacturers will have to be accommodating Android 8 to their interfaces and applications so even though there are no official calendars, it is planned to start landing later this year:

General Mobile

What makes Android Oreo Exciting

Engadget Android Partners have done a detailed review of all the novelties that incorporates Android Oreo, and we have selected some of the most relevant and expected most.

Changes to notifications and icons

The truth is that the new version of the operating system includes a lot of changes, including some that we had long expected. One of the points that have been improved is almost everything related to the notification system since it has undergone many improvements in this new version concerning the previous.

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In Andrid 8.0 we will be able to discard notifications over a period of time and decide when we want to be able to receive them again. In addition, we will be able to categorize notifications via channels and you are much more visual, showing background colors and using a systematized typography and iconography.

Another change has to do with the way in which they will be displayed in the notification bar. Because now the notifications will not be shown according to your order of arrival, but each one will have its space within the same depending on the category to which they belong (calls, updates, reminders …).

Another remarkable novelty comes with the icons, because in Android or these will be adaptive, being formed by two layers so that the developers can work on them and adapt them to the device, so that they can change their design adapting better to the launcher.

Android Go and Smart text selection

With this version of Android comes at last a version for devices with few resources. Android Go is a reduced version of Android 8.0 Oreo thanks to which the low-end, with fewer hardware resources, will not be able to look the latest version of the system.

Another important novelty in Android or is the intelligent selection of text, with which you will be able to deduce what we want to do concerning the text we select. That is, if the chosen words correspond to address, Google will suggest that we open Google Maps.

Picture in picture mode, tones and emojis

With this new version of Android, we get the picture in picture mode that will allow us to split the screen in two to use two applications at once. We also have another novelty that many will make happy: the ability to add our ringtones and notification sounds easily from the settings, without using the computer or third-party applications.

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Of course, another of the novelties of the most talked about and that finally has come true is the complete redesign of the emojis that stop having a drop shape to look a little more to the emojis IOS.

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