Star Wars land, the expansion of Disney park

Disney star war land

It was in August 2015 when Disney surprised everyone with the announcement of a new and ambitious expansion to its parks in California and Florida. An increase that would be dedicated exclusively to creating a Star Wars land theme area. This new section would be the largest in the history of the parks as it covers an extension of 5.6 hectares.

We already know that Disney has become a specialist in creating hype around Star Wars, just remember what he has done before the premieres of Episode VII, Rogue One, and now with Episode VIII. So it was expected that something similar would happen with the new theme section of Disney parks.

Soon you will be travel into a galaxy

Today during the financial results of Disney, Bob Iger, CEO of the company, released the bomb. The new section of Star Wars, even without the official name, will open its doors in 2019. No, there is not a specific date yet and not even a month. But, at least we already have the year of what they promise will be the biggest in technology and immersion within Disney parks.

Star Wars Land

As we know so far, ‘ Star Wars Land ‘, as it has been dubbed unofficially, will reach the company’s two most famous parks. Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. So far two new attractions have been confirmed, one where we can fly aboard the Millennium Falcon. And another that will put us in the centre of a battle between the new Order and the resistance, where of course we carry our lightsaber.

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The Classic Star Wars land Opening

It is also known that we will have a renovation of the classic ‘ Star Tours ‘. That possibly takes advantage of the technology of virtual reality. A new roller coaster that will be very similar to Space Mountain but with the theme of Star Wars.

Even fans were launched to create their vision of how this new Star Wars roller coaster should be. That, they created on Planet Coaster. And to tell you the truth, it looks amazing.

Disney star wars land

A year ago, on February 2016, during the celebration of the 60 years of Disneyland. Harrison Ford was in charge of showing new clues of what we would see in Star Wars Land. From the interior of the Millennium Falcon cabin, the battle between Stormtroopers and the resistance. As the part of the aspect that the new section will have. Here we will see from street markets with everything and negotiating droids, to show rooms, restaurants, and even a cantina inspired by Mos Eisley.

Disney has only shown concepts of the new expansion. As well as an image in 360 degrees of the current construction zone which began in 2016. Now we only have to wait two long years for Disney to keep releasing clues. Fingers Crossed to see what will be amazing in Star Wars Land. And aims to be epic and a whole experience for all ages.

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