Top 5 Best Cordless phones to buy in 2017

Top 5 2017 Cheap wireless phones 

Cordless  phones are very useful and practical to be able to talk on the phone from home wirelessly, offering total freedom, but how to choose the best model for you?

We have conducted a 20-hour research, compared and analyzed 40 products from the market and have selected the top 5 cheap corldess phones for you.

In this complete guide we offer you 2 sections that will help you to make the best decision:

  • The best 2017 cheap wireless phones
  • What to consider when buying a wireless phone

We have selected several models depending on the needs, if you want to take a look at the best-selling models of the moment, we recommend that give a look at the catalogs of Amazon components:

Amazon Catalog of Best Cordless Phones 

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Since wireless phones appeared, home-wired phones have been virtually in memory. Many are the cheap wireless phone brands that you can find in the market, being noteworthy:

  • Philips: Among the wide range of products that the Philips brand has on sale can be found the cordless phones, phones with the most sophisticated and advanced designs, designs that have the most advanced technology. A safe bet.
  • Panasonic: The Panasonic brand is presented as another of the best brands when buying a cordless phone. Panasonic is synonymous with quality, it is synonymous with design and is synonymous with good prices. An interesting proposal for those who need a wireless phone.
  • Gigaset: This brand has been positioned with great force in the market, making it an important gap between the big brands. Its designs, high quality, affordable prices and other features make this brand a safe bet.
  • SPC Telecom: Also could not remain in the Inkwell the brand SPC Telecom, a brand that offers the best and most advanced technology at the best price. His designs are truly sophisticated, modern and in turn elegant. A mark with a lot of strength.

Below we offer a list that collects the 5 best cordless phones of 2017:

1. Gigaset SL910 B005GTIRIM

With dimensions of 16 x 22 x 9 cm and a weight of 200 grams, this DECT cordless phone features a 3 ‘ 2 inch color touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. It has an easy-to-use, 500-entry, navigational agenda. It offers a 14-hour-call autonomy.
It has Bluetooth and mini USB for synchronization, downloads and connection with wireless terminal, as well as customizable tones and slideshow as a screensaver. This model, made of metal and black, offers a modern and sophisticated design.
 This cordless phone offers direct-operated call lists with a single touch and an incoming caller ID with photo. It has the most advanced technologies of the moment, allowing to enjoy a perfect and unique experience in every communication.
A great wireless phone if you are looking for design, quality, multiple functions and brand. It is perfect if you are looking for a model that does not ask for great demands, because it is somewhat slow to answer, but for the price offered can not ask for more and it can not be compared with a smartphone.


It is a product with a very avant-garde design, easy to handle, and meets expectations.


First-level telephone with numerous functions and features. It offers a modern, sophisticated and elegant design with perfect finishes. Easy to use and configure, very intuitive. Perfect sound quality, clear, crisp and high. Small dimensions.


The response of the screen is a little slow to the touch, it is slow accessing to the list of calls (lost/incoming/outgoing). Its cost is somewhat higher than other models.

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2. Panasonic KX-TGD210N

Nice, sleek and fine digital wireless phone from Panasonic, a 1 ‘ 8 inch LCD phone with crisp color. This white-coloured equipment is perfectly homologated for use in the Spanish telephone network. Offer up to 12 hours of autonomy in conversation to talk to who you want.
It has an agenda that is capable of storing up to 350 contacts, SMS and call history. It has a light pressure keyboard, crisp and personalized sound, hands-free, monitors babies, alarm and speakerphone. It has a dimensions of 12.8 x 10.4 x 18.2 cm and a weight of 281 grams.
The screen is quite bright and can be customized with various color profiles and options. Use two AAA batteries that are included with your phone. The phone allows you to connect a headset/handsfree. The sound and clear, something and subtle. Simple and intuitive operation, very easy to configure.
This great terminal is a truly recommended cordless phone. It offers a nice design, great value for money, interesting features and easy handling. For the cost you have you can not ask for more. A big buy.

The phone is elegant, meets with the needs that are asked to a standard phone. Excellent product, easy to use, good sound, good finishes.

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3. Philips M5501WG/23

This original, modern and sophisticated wireless phone in black and white color has a 1 ‘ 6 inch screen. It has a weight of 494 grams and a dimensions of 32.6 x 9.6 x 8.4 cm. Battery charging time is 8 hours. A timeless phone, exclusive and with a lot of class.
This phone has Eco Plus technology, i.e. it generates zero energy emissions when activated. Two of its most remarkable functions are hands-free and intelligent cable management. As for the design indicate that it offers a stylized silhouette and a very high quality finish.
It offers a really interesting and good sound quality. The outer casing is durable, glossy and fingerprint-resistant. It is capable of storing up to 100 favorite contacts on the agenda. It has a calibrated keyboard to press gently and accurately. Easy and intuitive operation.
A wireless phone that is presented as a very good purchase if you are looking for design, quality and price, as well as multiple and interesting functions. This Philips phone is, without a doubt, a guarantee of satisfaction. If you need a phone, this model is a proposal that you should consider.

It is a team with a magnificent design and a perfect finish. Phone 100% recommended, intuitive and with many options.


An elegant, sophisticated, modern wireless phone with Eco-Plus technology. Very intuitive and easy to operate, in addition to simple configuration. It offers autonomy of up to 16 hours. It has multiple and useful functions that cover any need. It allows you to enjoy an excellent communication experience.


The sound of calling is somewhat low, so that according to the person can be a timbre without enough volume.

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4. AT&T EL51203

This great wireless digital phone, available in orange or white color, offers a light, elegant and perfect design to place in any home stay. It has measures of 22.2 x 16.6 x 6.8 cm and a weight of 998 grams. It has a backlit LCD display with 1 ‘ 4 inches.
This model offers a multitude of functions of all kinds such as touchscreen, illuminated display, caller ID, battery charge indication, handsfree, built-in screen, clock/display date and many other useful functions.
It offers a great autonomy in conversation and at rest of 18 and 200 hours respectively. It has an agenda for 80 contacts/records and up to 10 selectable ringtones. It works with batteries and allows a great freedom of movement around the house.
Totally recommended product, with perfect finishes, good design, useful features and really affordable price. For the cost you have you can not ask for more. He is perfectly compliant with his task. One of the best cheap wireless phones at your fingertips.

Small size cordless phone that barely occupies space and works properly. Attractive, simple, functional, and also economical.

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5. Philips Digital Cordless Phone Handset (DECT2250G/37)

With dimensions of 18.6 x 13.6 x 5.8 cm, this cordless phone from the prestigious Philips brand has a weight of 240 grams and a screen with a size of 1 ‘ 6 inches. Requires an 8 hour charge time. It works with batteries.
This compact cordless phone model features all the necessary functions at your fingertips such as clock, date, call waiting, mute microphone, illuminated display, caller ID, automatic volume control, and more. Its design is comfortable and ergonomic.
 Allows up to 10 hours of conversation with a single load. It has the menu in several languages. It has a textured back cover for a non-slip grip. It is a low-energy model and is designed to respect the environment. It offers sublime voice quality.
A totally recommended purchase, not only for price, but for quality and design. It offers many useful and practical functions, in addition to ensuring a very simple and comfortable use. For the economical cost that this phone has you can not ask for more.

Easy and simple to use. Value for money a 10. Comfortable to use. Very good operation, coverage and battery life.


This cordless phone features a nice, modern design. It offers a multitude of useful and interesting functions. It will allow you to enjoy the most conversations with your loved ones. It is a phone that guarantees total freedom of movement and provides an ergonomic design. Very easy to set up.


No hands free, no earphone connection. The maximum volume of the ringer is not very high. In the list of calls losses does not appear the hour.

What to consider when buying a cordless phone

Before acquiring one of the cheap wireless phones on the market, it is interesting that you stop to value some considerations in this respect so as not to err on the election:
Brand: When buying a wireless phone it is interesting to always bet on first brands such as Panasonic, Alcatel, Gigaset, Philips, SPC Telecom, among many other options.
Functions: One of the most important aspects to evaluate are the functions offered by the cordless phone. The more functions, the better, although the appropriate is that at least you have to identify calls, call waiting, phonebook, Handsfree, speakers, headphones or multiple extensions and possibility to personalize it.
Handling: It is convenient to choose a model that is simple and easy to use, a wireless phone intuitive and easy to configure, without complication of any kind.
Autonomy: Autonomy in conversation is another really important aspect to consider. At a minimum it is recommended that you offer up to 10 hours of autonomy in order to speak quietly.
Design: There are many possibilities in the market, but without a doubt the modern models, sophisticated and in turn elegant are the most successful.
If you want to buy some cheap wireless phones, remember our proposals …. good insurance that will meet your expectations!
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