What is Sarahah App and what is the secret of its success

sarahah app

If you are a daily user of Instagram or Facebook stories, you may have stumbled upon a contact that shares your user name in “Sarahah app”. It’s also more than likely that you don’t have the faintest idea of what this is and much less what it’s for.

Well, Sarahah App is a mobile application whose fame has spread like gunpowder in recent weeks (in particular among the youngest segment of the population). And that reminds us of the missing Whisper, Secret or Yik Yak, because its primary function is to allow the interaction of anonymous form between users, something that of course, gives way free to malpractice and cyber bullying.

This is Sarahah App

As we, Sarahah has had a tremendous peak of popularity translated into downloads in recent weeks and not only we say it, also shows Google Trends. The success of the application has nothing to do with its operation, because it is as simple as that of an instant messaging service, except that it is entirely anonymous. Sarahah allows us to create a personalized address to which anyone can send an anonymous message without it can be answered by the receiver.

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An entrance door for the cyber bullying

If the Internet is already a perfect ecosystem for bullying protected by anonymity proliferate, offer an application that provides facilities for this could only end up being a nest of trolls and stalkers. For this reason, Saharah, which was created by the programmer Zain Alabdin Tawfiq with the idea of sending anonymous love messages has inevitably resulted in a perfect platform for harassment and threats.

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Tawfiq is aware of what the application has become that it created, that launched in February and that in July was the most downloaded app in IOS in several countries. Therefore ensures that it will try to find a way to stop sending such messages, although from here we predict (based on what happened in the past with similar apps) a tedious job and an uncertain future.

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