How to use your broken smartphone from a PC

How to use your broken smartphone from a PC

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Prevention is healthier than the remedy

Our smartphones include numerous extremely delicate knowledge that’s at all times sensible to safe. That is best earlier than one thing dangerous occurs to the telephone, belief us. There are a number of methods to do that: conceal the information you wish to shield, block functions to limit entry, use visitor mode, again up within the cloud, or put passwords on functions.

The easiest way to safe all the info contained in our smartphone is to back it up. That is to say, save the data in a secure location so that we can recover them even in case of losing the device.

Back up regularly, just in case. / © AndroidPIT

There are several backup apps available on Google Play where we can transfer data and back it up on our computer. In a few steps we can keep our data safe. Don’t have a favorite backup app? Check out our recommendations.

How to recover files from an Android using a PC

To recover data from your damaged smartphone you can count on the help of your computer. Before starting, we must activate USB debugging in the configuration of the Android device, to ensure that the smartphone will be recognized by the PC.

AndroidPIT use with broken display
Connect the smartphone to the PCs and get ready to retrieve your data. / © AndroidPIT

Recovery of images and music is quite simple. Simply connect your smartphone to your PC, activate Debug from the settings menu and use the mouse to access the different folders saved on your device. By accessing the WhatsApp folder, for example, you can hand over all images received in chat. 

However, it may happen that although your PC has recognized your smartphone, you are unable to view the files saved on it. Don’t worry though because, as always, on Android there is a solution to everything.

USB debugging mode not active or PC doesn’t recognize your device

So you have a poorly functioning or out of use display, USB mode not active, or a computer that doesn’t recognize your smartphone. These are all the most common problems you may face when your mobile phone is broken and you need to retrieve your data.

For those of you who have a Samsung device in your hands, remember that on the official website of the South Korean brand you can find a section called Find My mobile which not only useful for when you lose your smartphone, but also for unlocking your device with the function Unlock my screen. By accessing this function, the PC will recognize your device and you can then use the well-known Kies program to transfer your data.

If you have a device from another brand or this solution does not work, you can enter Recovery mode and use Fastboot (which does not need USB Debugging enabled). You’ll then have to start a Custom Recovery with Fastboot and use adb shell commands to extract files.

This isn’t exactly a simple solution, and needs some familiarity with working with Android, but it will allow you to solve the problems encountered and proceed with the recovery of your data from your broken smartphone. To get familiar with Fastboot, check out our dedicated guide.

How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can still see the display

If you’ve broken your touchscreen but the display is still working (you can see it), you can fix this by using a USB OTG (On The Go) and a mouse connected to your device. A USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Basically, your Android device has a mini-USB port and you need to connect this to a mouse that has a USB port. The USB OTG links these two together.

Once you have connected the mouse, you can unlock your device regardless of whether you have a pattern, PIN or password. We recommend using passwords anyways because they are highly secure. 

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can connect it to your computer and either transfer the data you need to your microSD memory or connect it directly to your PC and transfer the files there.

How to unlock your screen when the display is broken

Luckily, there are a few options available when you find yourself in this position. That said, it’s important to note that these are temporary measures; to ensure that you can continue to use your device you will ultimately need to repair the screen. 

The simplest method is to use your PC. Go to the “Android Device Manager” website and sign in with your Google account. If you have GPS enabled on your device, it can be detected by the web tool. In most cases your smartphone is already registered, but you can always pair your phone with your Google account if you haven’t already done so. Click on “Lock” and select “Unlock”. Even with a broken display, you’ll be able to access your device. Once you connect your smartphone to the PC you’ll be able to transfer and back up the data on your smartphone. 

How to recover data if your screen is off

If you can’t see your screen, you might need to get a VNC program. There are plenty of these on the market but make sure you pick one that’s safe and free. These programs move your Android interface to your PC so you can control it from there.

In order to use these programs, you’ll need to download the program to your PC but also on your Android device. This is another case of prevention, as you’ll struggle to install it on your Android if the screen is already dead. There are some paid programs out there too but they usually include more features than pure VNC functionality. So if you’re looking for a more extensive tool, you can grab one of these instead. 

Recovering files with AirDroid

AirDroid is software that connects your smartphone to your computer. You can use it from a web interface or through an application on your computer. You just have to install it on your PC and on your Android device.

Through your account, you should be able to connect to both devices. On your smartphone, you will see several icons that give you access to features such as file transfer or app uninstalling. You can take a look at the different options but the one we’re looking for is the Backup.

Make sure you use the same login details and go to your phone and press the save button. You can also go through the application: click the name of your device in the left menu and click the Backup menu within the three tabs at the top. Your data will then be saved onto the computer.

File transfer and backups are done with ease. © ANDROIDPIT

Plus: AirDroid also allows you to see your notifications on the computer.

AirDroid: Remote access & File
Install on Google Play

Recovering information with Vysor

Vysor also allows you to use your Android phone from a desktop computer. It works through an extension for Chrome, which has a clear advantage: you can use Vysor on Windows, Mac and Linux. A simple USB cable connects the phone and desktop.

You can use Vysor’s basic functions with the free version. With it you can, for example, connect the devices to take screenshots from Android. With the paid version, screen quality is better, full screen display is available and data transfer can be performed by dragging and dropping all without a cable connection.

Application setup is simple. We found it to be occasionally slow and, as mentioned above, the image quality is not optimal in the free version.

Vysor – Android control on PC
Install on Google Play

AirDroid might be one of the simplest ways to make use of your smartphone out of your PC as a result of it affords greater than Vysor. Maybe TeamViewer additionally deserves a spot on this listing however sadly it doesn’t work with many Android units. 

In the event you nonetheless cannot get your knowledge

One other resolution for getting your knowledge off your telephone is to take it to a store that may repair it. Sure, this selection prices cash however you may not solely have your knowledge but additionally have a hard and fast telephone. 

Be sure to ask round for a good restore store. As soon as the telephone has been repaired, they’ll simply steal your knowledge. In the event you go to one of many huge sellers, you may most likely pay extra however you are additionally much less prone to get ripped off.

Have you ever recovered knowledge from a damaged smartphone? Tell us how within the feedback.

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