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Google Play music Podcast has great features. That, highlight the ability to maintain a backup of the local music collection in the cloud-up to 50,000 songs. Also, available for streaming from any device, all for free and with the quality that Google usually offers. Also, the application has not stopped improving since its launch.

Two of the latest relevant news presented by Google Play Music is free radio and podcast. The first one is understood as a sort of addition to their payment streaming service. The second is neither more nor less than what was warned. However, only users in the United States and Canada have both functions enabled. And for the others? Play wait.


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The services and applications of video streaming in Android have an excellent index of followers. Especially if we speak of some like Google Play music or the well-known Spotify. The fact is that each one of them offers us a great repertoire online of songs, full discs, radios. And even in some, we create lists automatically personalised for us.

What has been missing?

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Especially among radio listeners in this type of music app in streaming is the possibility of being able to listen to the podcast. Something that seems, at last, has started to change with Google Play music podcast. This service has finally launched the possibility to hear to the audio deferred. we are sure you will have the interest in it!

Google presents its “radio without rules” to compete with Spotify


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The Californian internet company Google has given its normal music reproduction service under subscription, which aims to compete with Spotify. It will be available by this week in the United States with a monthly cost of $9.99.

The operation of the program, dubbed ‘ Google Play Music All Access ‘, has been unveiled on the opening day of the conference for Software developers that annually organises the company in the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The service allows to explore 22 musical genres, search by authors and work, as well as follow recommendations made by Google.

Like the similar products already existing in the market. Google’s technology produces automatic and unlimited playlists with similar or related topics that the user is listening to, who can later edit the content, both to delete songs and to sort them.

Why is Google Play Music Podcast Different?

Well, even the best-nourished collection may not be enough sometimes. So let’s say that on the one hand, you may prefer not to pay. but, on the other have additional music is always to be thankful, either to change the air, to discover something new or for any other reason. And although you can not expect to access the streaming payment for the face Spotify and Deezer allow it on PC. but, of course, Google already has YouTube … the radio function, is worth repeating, is to be thankful.

By the message itself that appears on the page of Google Play music Podcast. it is clear that we will not have to wait too long so that we can enjoy the Radio service in deferred. Similar to other platforms like Ivoox or Speaker. Do you use the podcasts very assiduously?

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