On the internet, there are pages for all ages, from children’s sites to older people, for all interests, be it sport, fashion, design, science, and everything that can happen to you. we are listing the 15 most useless websites of the year 2017.

And there is also a group of pages that are useless websites, but also rare, so it is worth a few minutes and gets into the most useless sites of the Web.

1. omfgdogs.com

On this site, you will see few dogs formed running and leaving a psychedelic colour that will leave you hypnotised.

useless websites omfgdogs

2. holdthebutton.com

This page challenges you to keep the cursor tight. When you release, it will tell you within what percentages you are and what was the best time.

useless websites holdthebutton

3. heeeeeeeey.com

Enter this website, and you will hear “heeeeey” and automatically, without doing anything, change the page, and you will hear “Hoooooo”. Enter and waste your time listening to those two words.

useless websites heeeeey hooooo

4. Cat-bounce.com

This place is for cat lovers, as long as you don’t mind watching them bounce infinitely all over your screen. Sometimes it can be a little hypnotising.

useless websites cat-bounce

5. maninthedark.com

This is pretty hard to explain. It is a languid human figure that moves through the screen to the rhythm of your cursor so that you can adopt strange characters.

useless websites-maninthedark

6. isitchristmas.com

You want to know if it’s Christmas today? If you enter this site, you will find the answer. If you don’t enter the 25th of December, the answer will be a resounding no.

useless websites isitchristmas

7. esviernes.com

If you are lost in the week, and you do not know if it is Friday, or not, you can get on this page and tell you if the most anticipated day came all over the world.

useless websites esviernes

8. donothingfor2minutes.com

The purpose of this page is not to do anything in two minutes, not even move the mouse. You’ll have a countdown clock that will tell you how much time you have left.

useless websites donothingfor2minutes

9. eelslap.com:

Hit The times you want a poor guy with a fish. You just have to pass the cursor through the image of your face and ready.

useless websites eelslap

10. staggeringbeauty.com

An epileptic worm. That’s right, quickly move the mouse and you’ll see a mixture of colours and music. Recommendation: down the volume on your computer.

useless websites staggeringbeauty

11. ratemypoo.com

Here’s a nasty website with lots of pictures of different faecal tools.

useless websites ratemypoo

Whoever Developed the Internet never thought that their development will have these kinds of silly stuff ever. Hope you have Enjoyed our Latest list of Useless websites over the Internet.



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