Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator

The fraction calculator evaluates an expression with fractions (rational numbers). It allows you to add fractions, subtract them, multiply them, divide them, elevate them to power, as well as combine these operators. The numbers and simple expressions can be a numerator and the denominator of this.

The concept of the mathematical fraction is seen early in the primary. It is a basic concept that is usually forgotten or not finished to understand enough to dominate it. It even happens at the university level that students drag deficiencies in their management.

If you are studying math? Then, today's topic is for you. We will learn to solve mathematical fractions. Knowing how to handle this concept, is and will be very useful for the rest of your days because, in many circumstances of everyday life, you will face the need to solve fractions quickly.

Perform mathematical operations with fractions

Performing basic mathematical calculations with fractions are simple thanks to the online fraction calculator. The operation of the tool is simple. Simply fill in the two fractions that the calculator has and choose the mathematical operation you want to perform between them (add the fractions, subtract them, divide them or multiply them). Then press the green button with the symbol "=" and you will immediately get the resulting fraction of the operation.

Let's look at situations in the form of exercises to learn how to solve time fractions:

Example: 1

 Anna is studying for four Tests. She's going to spend 1/5 the weekend  studying. What fraction of the week will ANA study each of the four  subjects, if we say it will invest the same amount of time for each of the  four?

 Therefore, the reasoning to solve the problem: 1/5 divided by 4. Dividing a  fraction by an integer is equal to multiplying it by the inverse of that integer  number. Doing that, we'll have 1/5 x 1/4. The result is 1/20, that is, Anna is  going to spend 1/20 of the weekend studying. If it was an exam question,  you could also ask for the value that 1/20 represents in hours. Then the  account would be 48 the weekend multiplied by 1/20, or what is the same  say 48 divided by 20. The result would be 9.6 hours or 9 hours and 36  minutes.

Example: 2

 Bruno and Carlos need a gallon of orange paint to paint the giant pumpkin  they are decorating for Halloween. Bruno has 2/5 of a galónde red colour,  and Carlos has 1/2 gallon of yellow paint. If they mix the paintings, will they  have the gallon they need?

 Well, to discover that you need to add the two values (2/5 and 1/2).  Therefore: 2/5 + 1/2. However, to make that sum, we need to find the  common denominator of 5 and 2. The lowest common multiple of 5 and 2 is  10.


In the first fraction, it is possible to see that the old denominator five was multiplied by 2 to reach 10; Being so, we will do the same with the numerator: 2 x 2 = 4. So, our first fraction is 4/10. In the second fraction, are we going to repeat the same procedure? The old denominator two was multiplied by 5 to reach the result 10; So we're going to multiply the numerator one time 5:1 x 5 = 5. Our second fraction is 5/10. Then we have: 4/10 + 5/10 = 9/10. I mean, Bruno and Carlos have 9/10 of the gallon, and they don't have the paint needed to paint the pumpkin.

Calculating Irreducible Fractions

The fraction calculator also allows you to find out the resulting smaller fraction, or irreducible fraction. To find it simply select the "Reduce" and recalculate. Immediately obtain the irreducible result of the operation between the two fractions.

Download Fraction Calculator

You can also Download Fraction Calculator App for your Android Devices to perform on the go and easy fractions.

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