How to calibrate the battery on your Android phone or tablet

How to calibrate the battery on your Android phone or tablet

Battery calibration 101:

Battery calibration strategies:

How do I do know whether or not my battery is the issue?

Initially, it is advisable to determine why your battery efficiency has decreased: is it the Android system’s calibration or the battery itself? We’ll transfer onto calibration within the sections beneath, however it is best to examine in case your battery itself is broken first. 

In case your cellphone has a detachable battery cowl, flip off your cellphone, take away the duvet and examine the battery. Search for bulges or leaks. Within the picture beneath, you will see what a traditional battery appears to be like like subsequent to a swollen one. In case your cellphone does not sit flat on the desk anymore, that may be an indication of a swollen battery too.

A swollen battery is simple to identify. / © ANDROIDPIT

Ought to I calibrate the battery?

When you’re happy that the battery itself just isn’t the issue, you possibly can transfer on to the steps beneath. When you suppose your battery may be the issue (even after making an attempt to recalibrate it), we might advise you to take it to a restore store for an knowledgeable’s opinion. If it seems it is advisable to exchange the battery, go together with an unique or dependable third-party battery. Scrimping on an affordable knock-off battery solely results in extra complications in the long term.

Take into account that there are many different issues that may trigger a battery to malfunction. In case your cellphone does not cost, there may be an issue with the port, so examine our information on what to do when a phone won’t charge.

If you’ve just updated the firmware on your phone, battery drain is a common complaint, so you might want to clear the cache partition on your device. Thankfully, we have plenty of guides on how to clear the cache on various devices.

AndroidPIT Nexus 5 Android 6 0 Marshmallow problems 1
It’s a good idea to be familiar with what’s normal for your battery. / © AndroidPIT

What is calibrating a battery?

The Android operating system has a feature called Battery Stats, which keeps track of battery capacity, when it is full or empty. The problem is that it sometimes becomes corrupted and starts displaying data that isn’t real, which, for example, causes the phone to turn off before it reaches 0 percent. Calibrating your Android battery simply means getting the Android OS to correct this information so it is reflective of your actual battery levels once again.

It’s important to understand that you can’t actually calibrate the battery itself: it is, after all, just a cell that stores power and discharges. However, lithium-ion batteries do include a printed circuit board (PCB), which serves as a protection switch to stop them exploding or deep discharging.

ANDROIDPIT battery 1
Although some batteries can explode, it is rare. / © AndroidPIT

Smartphone battery myths

Lithium-ion batteries don’t have a memory so there’s not much you need to do to keep them running as they should. The problem lies with how the Android system reads and displays the current capacity of the battery, not the battery itself. 

The same goes for the myth that deleting the batterystats.bin file will magically recalibrate your battery. That file (on most devices anyway) simply stores data about what is using the battery when it is not being charged. It is also reset every time a battery is charged to over 80 percent and then disconnected from the charger.

The batterystats.bin file contains the info you see made prettier in the Battery section of your phone: it’s the Android system keeping track of your battery’s usage, per charge cycle. When we talk about battery calibration, it’s the percentage meter that gets out of whack, and that is what we need to fix. 

androidpit battery low 1
If your battery indicator is out of whack, you should try to recalibrate it. / © AndroidPIT

How to calibrate an Android device battery without root access

The old ‘fully charge and discharge’ approach stands as one of the simplest ways to ‘recalibrate’ your Android battery. We’ve warned you in the past about low voltage problems in lithium batteries and the negative impacts of fully draining a battery on its lifespan and the same holds true here. But, if your phone battery is causing you real problems, it’s worth taking the risk.

Method 1

Remember that it is not recommended to perform this process regularly. Even when your battery is so dead your phone won’t even turn on, your battery still has enough reserve charge to avoid system damage. But you don’t want to poke the tiger with a stick. Perform this process once every three months at the most. If it is required more often than that, you have bigger problems at hand.

Put plainly: fully discharging a battery is bad for it. Trying to overload a battery is also bad for it. The good news is that charging batteries will shut off automatically when they’ve reached their safe limit and there’s always a little in reserve even if your phone won’t start. Again: only do this when really necessary, because it does have a negative impact on battery life.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Ping Pong Root
If your phone has root access you can clear the batterystats.bin file. / © AndroidPIT

How to calibrate an Android device battery with root access

Even though I’m not convinced that clearing the batterystats.bin file has any meaningful effect on how the Android system reports remaining battery charge, there are those who swear by this method.

So in the interest of fairness, we’ve included the process for you here (it is true that different manufacturers use the batterystats.bin file for different things). It’s basically the same process as above, but with the added step of using a root-enabled app.

Method 2

Battery Calibration
Install on Google Play

  • Instantly launch the app and recalibrate your battery.
  • As soon as you’ve got calibrated your battery, discharge all of it the best way all the way down to zero % and let your cellphone flip off once more.
  • Totally cost the battery another time with out interruption whereas it is switched off, and the Android system’s battery proportion can be reset.

That is it. Have you ever tried any of those strategies? Are you aware an alternate approach to repair battery issues? Tell us within the feedback.

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